In 2002 after attending a couple of live jams at the American House in Waterdown, Ontario the Cameltones caught the ear of Sonny Binardi of Crowbar fame, who hosted the jam. Sonny thought that the band had something a little more than just another bunch of basement jammers and asked the band to return the following week. They became very popular at the American House, so much so that the owners at that time starting booking the band for much of their live events including a Christmas special for charity and they have been rocking the GTA scene ever since.
The band has gone thru a few reincarnations since that time and have seen a few past bandmates go on to professional success such as Daryl Brown who became the drummer for recording artists Evans Blue. What hasn’t changed is the bands main objective, bring audiences back to the days of high school dances and great, classical rock, top 40 and country songs that make people want to get up and dance. A combination that has been a hit with both the younger and older crowd. Band leader, David Little says, it is great to see people hit the dance floor when they hear the first chords of White Wedding or Folsom Prison Blues and have them come up in between sets and say I danced with my first love back in high school to that song, and it brought back some wonderful memories of that time in my life. Nothing could make the band any happier to hear those stories. Having his home town of Kingston produce one of Canada’s most successful bands The Tragically Hip doesn’t go unnoticed on the band. In some settings the band has an entire set dedicated the The Hip. At the 2015 Burlington Ribfest, Canada’s largest Ribfest, the Cameltones closed the weekend event with half of the two hour show dedicated to his former school mates. Weaving in and out of the 70’s,80’s,90’s and 2000’s keeping the songs fresh and current as well as old and memorable songs which has included the addition of new country songs keep the band fresh and on the edge. It is this combination that keeps the band booked with many shows including the 9th anniversary as the band of choice for the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in 2014. Wayne Cowley, who is the musical director of this event states that “The Cameltones rock the house every year and we will have them as long as they wish to entertain the audience”, which always attracts a wide range of celebrities. In 2012 the band was fortunate enough to back up two of the Bare Naked Ladies that attended the festivities and in 2013 none other than Kid Rock, rocked the house when the Tones kicked into All Summer Long. In 2014 the Cameltones also played at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, which is Canada’s largest free music festival. They also played Dunnstock in Dunneville, Ontario for 9 straight years as well as many private and none private gigs adding the Burlington Ribfest, Canada’s largest Ribfest. The four piece some time 5 piece band is made up of Adrian Biccum on lead guitar and lead vocals, Ryan Degelder on drums and backup vocals, Big Al on bass and lead vocals and David Little rhythm guitar and lead vocals. David’s daughter Brittany is getting to be a permanent fixture in the band adding incredible and melodic songs such as Dreams and Black Horse Cherry Tree to mention a few. Songs that bring out the true colours of the bands four part harmony is on the song Wagon Wheel a song that will soon be put to the band’s first video.

So, if you’re looking for a band for a corporate event, private event, festivals or a local tavern the Cameltones deliver a fun, fresh, dancing evening for all who attend. For bookings please call David Little at 905 330-9184 or email